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  • SPRING LOADED TOGGLES designed to align with most common race number bib hole measurements, eliminates the need to pin numbers through your clothing. 
  • SIX (6) GEL LOOPS [Gels Not Included] with reinforced sturdy webbing will keep you fueled whether you are out for a long run, running a 5K, 10K, Marathon or finishing the last leg of a triathlon. 
  • HEAVY DUTY QUICK ACTION BUCKLE for faster tri transition times, just Grab, Snap and Go!  
  • SOFT ELASTIC WEBBING for improved bounce-free no-slip marathon belt, that is comfortable around your waist while jogging, running or even cycling. 
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL TRI-SLIDE BELT adjustment for a perfect fit for athletes both big and small. 
X31 Sports Triathlon Race Number Belt with Six (6) Gel Loops 
The X31 Sports Triathlon Race Number Belt with Six (6) Gel Loops is perfect for improving triathlon transition times, staying fueled during long training runs and eliminating the need to pin your bib number through your clothes on race day. After years of frustration with other racing belt for triathlons with “snaps” not lining up properly with race number holes, marathon belts with gel loops that didn’t hold gels the entire race, or elastic that was rough and caused chaffing, we set out to make the best transition and marathon belt for our athletes, triathletes and runners.